Lesson 2

Lesson 2

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In the last lesson we have seen that Nouns have 4 attributes:

1)State/Status ,  2) Number,  3) Gender,  4) Type.
We have already discussed about Status. In this lesson we will discussed about Number.    

In Arabic we can express the number in three forms such as below:

Single –    to define one unit or person একক
Dual –       to define 2 persons or units 
Plural –     to define more than two.     

Please note that each of them change their ending by adding suffix as below to express their numbers, However, it ends differently in case of Masculine and Feminine gender as per noun’s status such as  Marfu (Subject), Mansub (Object) and Majrur (after of).

Following Video will explain Dual Noun ( 13 Minutes)

The Video below will hep you to understand Plural Noun (Time : 2:58)


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