August! The Month of Tragedy

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August 21. .Many political activists including civilians were killed by grenade attack. What was it? Some love a party, for these reason why they killed? By a group of the men he came to the meeting in support of the political. It’s nothing to wrong. Everyone will right to political meeting in democracy. That is the rule. Ideally, any one dislike a political party its ok but finished the party or follower or supporter by grenade attack its very wrong attitude. Their enemies of Islam! Its absolutely eye wash! Arbitrary killing of a Muslim by another Muslim support Islam?

They think that, brutally they attack those gays in rage and revenge, who are child’s parents, brother Sister of any family. They are not only killed some pupil, they also killed some family. Many people caring grenade splinter in their body and continue in intolerable life . However, as an independent country without a fight as big violent attack was really hate-able. In August 1975 full family of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was killed. Again this month, has been trying to kill political activists, including his daughter. Some enjoy this tragic month. . The trial in the murder of independent regret not getting the pleasure of those who have forgotten their humanity? Will be judged guilty of sin. Than punished.

All horror killing of August really, is it Islamic terrorist responsibility? May be everything directed by international politics and supported by local politicians. Zaz Miah Drama. Why all this? That government was responsible for indentified the terrorist. But sorry to say they failed and create a nonsense drama. If they are now locally called “ Dudhe dhowa tulsi pata” or innocent for these reason who would believe him? It said the victims directly the government can involved. The first is through the killing of Bangabandhu murder in the August 1975 and than start newly grenade attack 21August 2004. Why is the target of a group or party repeatedly? One can argue about it. This party before independence was such a great change can be observed between them since independence. Because they were in power. And they spoiled what could dictator? After the independence these group was deducted ideal of Maowlana Bhasahni. What did they assume dictatorial attitude? All political parties and cracking down on freedom of expression? What they did Bak Shal? One of the leaders of the country did not dictatorial way? It was born from the public outrage? Terrorism in the country at that time was grown brutally like the city of mugs? They forgot the power of the love of the common people sought? People were fighting for the independence of what the dream was to meet a real government? People do not become frustrated? Fasting is one of the blessed people, for the people of that time, where they indeed did not protest killing the great leader? Where his ministres did protests? Why all his Minister join and support the killirs? Many of the questions. A lot. These are the main mystery of tragic month August. August tragedy lesson is that a l self or dominant power is not always pleasant. Sometime it’s also tragically too. Is not it?

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3362 জন পড়েছেন

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